Top 5 Ideal Locations to Invest in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad Commercial Properties Details

Islamabad, a well-planned, designed and built city from dense forests and that is just about 60 years
ago. In the last 30 years, Islamabad has started growing like a cosmopolitan, changing from a small, well
designed and beautiful city. Capital Smart City is among one of those private societies that is approved
by capital development authority (CDA) of Islamabad. Out of 204 societies in Islamabad 140 are illegal
and just 64 are approved by CDA. This CDA approved society has a lot to offer.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is the very first project that is built on modern lines and is eco friendly. This
smart city is designed and developed on the idea of smart development, that means the developers will
build every facility on the most modern concepts and technologies.

Overseas Prime Block:

Within this smart city there are many locations where you should invest according to your interest. If
you are nature lover then the overseas block is constructed with beautiful artificial lakes, a famous
mountain range along with landmark buildings and golf course. This overseas prime block is connected
to the main Chakri road on motorway, which means you are just few miles away from motorway
entrance. Linear parks and lush green gardens are awesomely remarkable. All street are 50 feet wide. In
this smart city smart transportation is there to connect you to the rest of the city with smart vehicles.

The Smart Villas:

Three to seven bed Contemporary villa, Mediterranean villa and Georgian villa gives a complete
comfortable living. Starting from 5, 7, 10 to 12 Marla, one Kanal and two K-anal smart villas are your
best options to go for modern living depending upon your requirement. These villas are fully equipped
with smart door and windows, motion sensor, magic box, remote access, smart switch, automated door
lock and temperature and humidity sensor. These villas have indoor and outdoor cameras to give you
complete protection.

Commercial Block:

From investment perspective the best place for you is its commercial block that has all the facilities of
smart city in it. Some key features that are taken special care of in this block are Minute traffic
management, Air pollution control, sensors / Internet of Things (IOT) based designs, Controlled
electromagnetic emissions, Smart buildings with smart waste management and water quality
management. Smart parking and smart street lights along with public safety, gas & water leak detection
are the main features of this block.

Financial Square:

Capital smart city Islamabad is built on all modern lines. It has the latest smart traffic control with smart
internet spots on public buildings. Financial square has 24/7 uninterrupted electric supply which makes
it a big difference to invest here. This financial square has residence apartments, conference and
exhibition halls, world class 5-star hotels, banks corporate offices along with financial square gate

Aviation Village:

This eco friendly model has logistics and cold storage warehouses as well as exhibition halls and
restaurants. 3-star hotels for your comfortable living are also providing its non-stop facilities. Along with
warehouses this smart city offers corporate offices and operational offices in this vicinity too.

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