5 Safety Factor of Investment & Comfortable living in Lahore Smart City

5 Safety Factor of Investment & Comfortable living in Lahore Smart City

Lahore holds its unique importance of being the second largest city of Pakistan after Karachi and the
capital of Punjab province. Lahore also stands amid one of the wealthiest cities of Pakistan and the main
business hub where people from almost all of the Punjab come to start their business or find work. All
these people who come here to work have to find a place to live too. According to a safe estimate, 25
percent of these people bring their families as well to Lahore. All of these people coming to and living in
Lahore means more reliable housing need in this already thickly populated city. Lahore smart city is
among of the top most upcoming housing projects that is modern and provides all the facilities within
the same vicinity. In fact, this is the second smart city of its kind in Pakistan..

In Lahore almost 40 percent of the societies are non-approved by LDA. The first and main reason that
this smart city is expanding too fast is that its LDA approved housing society. It means your investment is
completely safe and its town planning is perfect like residential sector is completely separate from
commercial sector. Residential sector is surrounded by health and education sector. Moving towards the
second factor this is the first smart city of its own in Lahore. Lahore smart city offers smart education,
smart health, smart economy, smart people and smart mobility with so many other components. Smart
community along with smart traffic makes your commute easy and pollution free.

Next factor that goes in favour of Lahore smart city is its security system. One of the main concerns of
any person whether he is investor or resident of any society is the security of the area. Lahore smart city
is fully equipped with CCTV cameras and surveillance cameras. These cameras can record any suspicious
activity and resultantly action can be taken on any unforeseen activity.

Next factor that contributes in comfortable living in Lahore smart city are its revolutionary features. Non
stop 24 / 7 availability of utilities – gas, water, electricity along with metro bus within the city are one
the main features to stick to this society. Smart world class hotels with recreational facilities, mosques
and lakes are all there to give you and your family a happy, healthy and productive time. Sports complex
with golf court and horse-riding club, farmhouses and community centre further enhance your living in
this smart city. If you are a foodie person than all the top line restaurants are there for you, and no need
to go outside to search for your favourite restaurant.

Last but not the least internet of things makes this city a worth living or worth investing place. 21.5
billion devices are connected throughout the world with these smart sensors. Smart living with natural
environment is the key to peaceful and healthy mind. Silicon Valley in this city is the business hub where
there are offices, warehouses, customer care centres and software houses. Financial square has
conference halls, banks, retail offices, exhibition halls and offices too. So, these all things make this
smart city a most comfortable living place for you.

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