Lahore Smart City


Lahore Smart City is one of the awaited projects in the country. It is one of the grand residential projects in the country. Besides, the project is unlike any other. Moreover, it is all set to amaze the nation. Additionally, the Lahore Smart City master plan is the 2nd Smart City project all across Asia and ranks 2nd in Pakistan.

The city’s housing plan has launched with a great celebration. However, since Lahore is an urban city, it is a hub of cultural and financial activities. You will find a diversity of cultures and people from outside Pakistan as well. The city touches Gujranwala, Sialkot and Lahore cities. It is also 20 minutes drive from airport and Thokar Niaz Baig.

lahore smart city

Lahore Smart City Pecularities


Friendly City

Modern Living Standards

Advanced Security System

Metro Bus

Clean and Safe Environment

Underground Electricity System

24/7 availability of water, gas


Smart Living

Building of Overseas Blocks

Metro Bus

Building of Overseas Blocks

Lahore Smart City Location

The Lahore Smart City is located outside the main city, situated at a distance. The developers of the city took this idea to distance the residents from the hustle-bustle and rush of the city.

Nevertheless, the commercial area of the city is not that far, and close to the Smart City. It is easily reachable after few minutes of drive.

Developers of Lahore Smart City

The owners of the Lahore Smart City are two big developmental industries of Pakistan, which are working in collaboration with each other. These big developers are Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Litd, and Future Holdings Developments (FDH). Between these two big industries, Habib Rafiq is the main developer of Bahria Town and DHA (Islamabad).
This company also own other various housing schemes, like Royal Orchard in Multan, Sargodha, and Sahiwal, in respective cities of Punjab, i.e. Multan, Sargodha, and Sahiwal.

Zahid Rafiq

Chairman - FDH

Jehanzaib Zahid

Managing Director

M. Aslam Malik

Chief Operating Officer
Mujeeb Ahmed Khan

Mujeeb Ahmed Khan

Director Sales & Marketing

Luis Fernandez

Chief Development officer

Lahore Smart City Developers

The Lahore Smart City master plan is an association between two giant developers in the real estate industry - Future Holding Developments and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd. The two real estate developers are a big name in the industry all over the country. Additionally, they are popular for their big projects, running all over Pakistan. These projects are also getting a lot of media attention because of the highly impressive features it has to offer.

About Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd.

Since 1962, Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited has come a long way to symbolize commitment, distinction and professional Excellence by meeting the stringent, demanding and extra ordinary work requirements of the client.

Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited has come a long way to symbolize commitment, distinction and professional Excellence by meeting the stringent, demanding and extra ordinary work requirements of the client. HRL has undertaken prestigious projects of high engineering, national and international importance involving civil, electrical and mechanical works for the last 60 years.

Habib Rafiq group is one quite notable for construction and development projects in Pakistan. They have a good reputation for success and have well regarded large construction projects not only in Pakistan but abroad, for the last fifty years.

Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. (FDH)

FDH is a partner’s consortium registered under Companies Ordinance 1984. National and international companies have joined hands together to form the world's next leading organization. Striving to deliver the best in the real estate sector by developing state of the art residential and modern industrial zones.

FDH is a combination of management and technical expertise combined from renowned groups. The team of FDHL is dedicated to providing state of the art modern living environment in two of its residential zones and futuristic facilities in its mega industrial zone.

Other Developers of Lahore Smart City Master Plan

Alongside Surbana Jurong, several brains have also taken an active part in it. The other developers listed below are:

Surbana Jurong | Master Planner

Surbana Jurong Group is a global urban, infrastructure and managed services consulting firm, with over 70 years of track record in successful project delivery. Headquartered in Singapore, the group has a global talent pool of 16,000 across Surbana Jurong and our member companies AETOS, Atelier Ten, B+H, KTP, Prostruct, RBG, SAA, Sino-Sun and SMEC, based in more than 120 offices in over 40 countries.

They include architects, designers, planners, engineers and other specialists driven by progressive thinking and creative ideas to help shape a better future.

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Features of Lahore Smart City

Some of the unique features identified in the Lahore Smart City Location are as mentioned below:

Exclusive Development Plan

Lahore Smart City uses the latest technology efficiently. It includes technology for housing data and other info required to enhance infrastructure and offer a solution to problems. Besides, it also obtains 24-hour electricity.

Job and Career Prospects

The developmental scheme plans to ease its tenants by becoming the first business center in the community. It also strives hard to bring international investors so they can easily put into magnificent home jobs.


Several developing agencies have tried to copy Lahore Smart City features but failed miserably, this is because; Smart City is a legalized and approved housing society. Additionally, it includes the people of the government.

Comfortable Living

The housing scheme is designed in a way that establishes a sturdy societal environment. For this reason, individuals enjoy a sensual and serene society that might lead to a hub for commercials and recreational.

Luxurious Life

Urban freedom comes with the along augmented ability to the society’s public transportation and advanced solutions. For instance, it includes smart parking, and intelligent traffic management offered in Lahore’s capital city features.

Livable Neighborhood

Lahore Smart City master plan includes the re-development of poorly planned places. The authorities plan to take the best shot to earn a peaceful, relaxed neighborhood. As a result, this will make it a new and bigger space for people to live in.


When it comes to Lahore’s capital city, you do not have to worry about safety and security. There are video surveillance cameras installed in every corner that keeps an eye on every person. Additionally, it can monitor any criminal actions.

Sustainability in Development

Great efforts are underway to build society’s electrical energy or produce energy from waste material. As a result, it will decrease the quantity of waste created by families due to restoration and damage to the other buildings nearby.


Lahore Smart City master plan has paid keen attention to attaining an efficient transport system in the city. The authorities have made sure that cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians get a modern transport system.

Lahore Smart City Fundamentals

To achieve a lavish and modern lifestyle, the Smart City of Lahore has three fundamentals. These crucial elements, listed below are:


The surrounding environment plays a significant part in lifestyle. For this reason, it is crucial to get hold of a society that obtains an eco-friendly atmosphere. The Lahore Smart City obtains a priority conservation of natural resources to make an ultimate living.


The housing style at Lahore Smart City is of top-notch quality, comfortable and relaxing. In the end, the forecast is that this project will be a society that ends up with a resilient social environment. In turn, it allows the public to live a comfortable and peaceful life.


The developmental plan of Lahore Smart City offers vast opportunities. The Smart City brings excellent opportunities for its occupants to attract international investors. Additionally, the Smart City project strives to contribute to the economy of the nation.

Smart Living

Designed for the smart lifestyle, upholding green living and sustainable standards with a trivial carbon footprint, Smart Living is the future of Digital Pakistan with modern town planning, construction, and urban management. Eco-Friendly Living with Complete Wi-Fi Coverage.

Lahore Smart City

Speedy fulfilment of promises requires fast development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the developers of Lahore Smart City?

Lahore Smart City is being developed by Future Development Holdings – a sister concern of Habib Rafiq Limited HRL.

How credible are Lahore Smart City Developers?

The developers of Lahore Smart City are Habib Rafiq Limited – HRL. The group enjoys an impeccable reputation in Pakistan as they have myriad real estate projects completed and delivered. HRL has previously delivered turnkey urban settlement projects for DHA, Bahria Town, and the Government of Pakistan.

Is Lahore Smart City Approved By LDA?

Yes, Lahore Smart City is approved by LDA.

How much land is with Lahore Smart City?

The Lahore Smart City is set to be developed on 50,000 Kanals of Land that is completely in the possession of the developer. There are chances of future extensions, however, for now, the society will be developed on 50000 Kanals.

Where is Lahore Smart City located?

Lahore Smart City is conveniently located on the main Lahore By-pass road. It is located in the Northern Suburban Lahore and lies very near to the Kala Shah Kaku GT Road Interchange, Lahore – Sialkot Motorway, and Lahore – Islamabad Motorway.

What about Surbana Jurong?

Surbana Jurong (SJ), the Singapore-based consultancy firm, was then appointed Master Planner for LSC. Headquartered in Singapore, SJ is presently one of the largest Asia-based urban, industrial, and infrastructure consulting firms, providing one-stop consultancy solutions. SJ’s motto ‘Building Cities, Shaping Lives’ reflects its belief to – Create spaces and infrastructure services where people live, work and play. – Shaping cities into homes with sustainable jobs where communities and businesses can flourish.

How to carry out the assimilation of plots?

  • submit the required documents
  • the customer can collect a new allotment letter on the appointed date.

How to mortgage in Lahore smart city?

  • Submit the request application.
  • Pay the NOC/NEC fee
  • Issue NOC/NEC to the bank

How to buy a plot in Lahore Smart City?

Limited plots are available in Lahore Smart City on a first come first serve basis. Booking in Lahore Smart City starts from as low as 10%. For now, the residential plot sizes of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available. For more details, get in touch with The Champion Marketing and one of our Lahore Smart City specialists will guide you through the booking process.

What are the payment options for Lahore Smart City?

The initial booking of a plot in Lahore Smart City is done through online remittance or pay order made in favor of Future Development Holdings. The subsequent installments are also paid through cash to the management of Lahore Smart City. For more details and customizing your payment plan, get in touch with Deal & Deals.

What is the Smart City Technology?

Sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in collaboration with the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to improve regional living and working settings.

Features of Smart City Housing society?

Below given are some of the features which are the common Memento to find out that society is Smart;

  • The most Eco-Freindly environment in conjunction with world class infrastructure development
  • Transport Classification as well as Electric Bikes For Well-organized including Sustainable Mobility
  • Load Shedding Free Environment
  • CCTV facility & Facial & Object Recognition
  • Robotic Traffic Control

Who are the owners and developers of Lahore Smart City?

The combination of ownership is between the renowned real estate developers HRL and FDH.

How can we track booking in Lahore smart city?

You can easily track your booking by visiting the official website of Lahore smart city.

Who is the owner of the Lahore smart city?

Lahore smart city is owned by FDH and HRL. They both are famous property dealers.