Park View City, Lahore


Park View City, Lahore is an upcoming residential housing scheme being developed by Vision Group, key focus of this project is modern living. The project has been envisioned as once in a lifetime, future proof investment / residential opportunity. All aspects from design to architecture to facilities / amenities are world class and meets the international standards of living, exceeding any present housing society In Pakistan

Vision Group has taken inspiration from around the globe to design all key elements of the aesthetic nature and given it a modern touch. With an ideal location on the Multan Road, Lahore, is it provides easy access from all areas of Lahore city, this is in turn will ease the life of its future residents. Aspects ranging from safety, easy access, security, and excellent facilities makes Park View City, Lahore a superior offering vs. the one provided by competitive housing schemes.

Spanning over 5,000 Kanals of land area, Park View City, Lahore is planned to be a sprawling housing community. The land mass is huge to cover housing, commercial spaces, private buildings and parks bustling with activities. It has appealing prices suitable for housing or investment, sitting amidst of expanding Lahore city.

Park View City, Lahore is segregated into various blocks consisting of residential and commercial lands & plots. With a combination of small and large plot sizes, the Vision Group has made an attractive proposition for small and large investors alike. This tactic has enticed many investors to invest in Park View City Lahore. Initially, this scheme was known as “Park View Villas”. Eventually, the name was changed to “Park View City, Lahore”.

“Park View City, Lahore” Location

Park View City, Lahore has an ideal location, which can be reached from all parts of the main city, while driving for a short distance. With the expanding network of road infrastructure in Lahore, Park view City, is ideal place for living or investment keeping in view the easy accessibility.

It is a very unique attribute of Park View City, the way it is connected to major towns of Lahore district and easy access points

Easy Accessibility:

Park View City Lahore has an easy accessibility specifically based on the below facts:

  • It is near Multan Road
  • Lies besides the National Highway
  • 9 to 10 min drive away from Abdul Sattar Edhi Road, Lahore
  • 18 to 20 min drive away from L-20, Lahore Ring Road
  • 19 to 20 min drive away from Defence Road, Lahore
  • 12 to 14 min drive away from Raiwind Road, Lahore
  • 10 to 12 min drive away from M-2 Motorway

Known Areas & Towns in Vicinity

  • Defense Housing Authority, Lahore
  • Bahirya Town, Lahore
  • Valencia Town, Lahore
  • Johar Town, Lahore
  • WAPDA Town, Lahore
  • LDA Avenue, Lahore
  • Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore
  • Model Town, Lahore
  • Nishtar Town, Lahore
  • Eden Value Homes
  • Muhafiz Town, Lahore
  • OPF Housing Scheme, Lahore
  • Gulshan-e-Lahore
  • Badshahi Mosque Lahore
  • Samanabad Town Lahore
  • Sabzazar
  • Welfare Society, Lahore
  • Marghazar Colony, Lahore
  • Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore
  • Mustafa Town, Lahore
  • Airline Society, Lahore
  • Expo Center, Lahore
  • Daewoo Express Terminal, Thokar Niaz Baig
  • PCSIR Housing Scheme, lahore 


MasterPlan of  “Park View City, Lahore”  

Park View City, Lahore has hired skilled team consisting of engineers and architects to design the beautiful layout, architecture, Residential commercial and recreational spaces  of this society

Residential Blocks

The society comprises the following blocks:

  • Park View City Lahore Tulip Block
  • Park View City Lahore Gold Block
  • Park View City Lahore Jade Block
  • Park View City Lahore Rose Block
  • Park View City Lahore Topaz Block
  • Park View City Lahore Orchard Block
  • Park View City Lahore Jasmine Block
  • Park View City Lahore Platinum Block
  • Park View City Lahore Diamond Block
  • Park View City Lahore Executive Block
  • Park View City Lahore Overseas Block
  • Park View City Lahore Tulip Overseas Block

Plot Sizes

The society is offering a range of residential plots as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

The society is offering a range of commercial plots as follows:

  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Owners & Developers of  “Park View City, Lahore”

State of the art project of Park View City, Lahore is being developed by Vision Group, and considered as a society with high demand from investors and customers. At the helm of the affairs of Vision Group is Mr. Aleem Khan an active member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. The journey of Real Estate development by Vision Group started in the year 2002, and the outcome is Park View City, Lahore a sister project of Park View City, Islamabad

Once the development and landscaping of Park View City, Lahore is completed, its out-look, location and beautiful designs will be environment friendly and a peace of mind for its residents.

With passage of time Park View City, Lahore has gained recognition by its investors. The design and plan of this scheme was an attractive proposition for investors before this project got the validation and verification from authorities.

Aleem Khan, the Chairman of the Vision Group, has gone at length to review all aspects of the housing scheme, which range from land acquisition, plotting, design blue prints, and development and construction elements of the Park View City, Lahore. With such focused development and passion, this society is future proof for environment friendly / modern living

As per The Vision Group, Park View City, Lahore is setting a standard yet un-matched in the real estate development sector which can be equated to Real Estate Development plans in developed Asiatic and European countries. Attractive and affordable prices coupled with standard setting amenities is nothing short of a silver lining in Real Estate Development sector of Pakistan

Affordability and high standard of development / amneties is attracting investors and future residents from Pakistan and abroad. Booking has seen a surge and there is a likelihood that entire society will be booked or sold out very soon

Park View City Lahore NOC:

The NOC (No Objection Certificate) Approval process of Park View City by LDA (Lahore Development authority) is underway. One the clearance has been given Investors will gain more confidence in this high standard project.

With soon to announce NOC approved status, the plot prices  Park View City Lahore are likely to see a high surge. For this reason, right now is the Golden Opportunity to buy land in this society and reap benefits in the form of high resale value of the land.

 There is a grave concern by would be investors and real estate discussion in general whether Park View City, Lahore is LDA approved or not! But it has been ensured by the Vision Group, that this is nothing but a grapevine, which is leading to false information.

The Pecularities and Amenities of “Park View City, Lahore” 

The Park View City, Lahore has all the up-to-date facilities and amenities for its customers and investors. These facilities are a part and parcel of any present-day future-proof society. In a way, it can be called a comprehensive offering for investors and future residents alike

A huge land has been allocated by the developer for parks and gardens, with walking pathways and recreational facilities for families especially kids. Park View City Lahore Overseas Block is the key highlight of the society with international standards of living facilities. Park View City, Lahore Overseas Block is easily accessible from all areas of society.

The management as allocated a 22 huge Kanal area, The Central Theme Park, where children and adults can spend quality time while being amused by the rides, eateries, and other attractions on offer at the grand place.

Provision of standard facilities in Park View City, Lahore can be summarized as follows:

Environment Friendly

The society is nestled in a peaceful location, separate yet close to the main city. With greenery being the most important aspects of amenities, it will provide residents, a serene environment-friendly experience

Grand Mosque

A grand Jamia Masjid (Mosque) adores the part of an extensive plan to fulfill the predominant practicing Muslims. This venue will be outfitted with high standard interior with beautiful architecture as well as wide-open outdoor space.

The Water Supply

As a means to provide the mandatory need of pure water for drinking and washing purposes, special Water reservoirs will be built. To ensure hygiene and cleanliness filters will be installed in the supply lines.

The Graveyard

To facilitate and respect the ones who passed away (of local residents), a major land has been allocated to the graveyard. The expansive space will have walkways and planned systematic grave numbers, which will make it easier to identify exact spots of graves.

The Hub of Activities | The Community Center

In order to provide a healthy and energetic living, the community center is being established which will include eateries, a sports complex, and other special services to cater to the needs of residents

The Health Centers

A part of the plan includes the development of walk-in clinics and Hospitals, with around-the-clock emergency services. Health Staff including Doctors and nurses can cater to the needs of patients in these centers.

The Educational Institute

Education of young children and students takes precedence as a part of the plan for Park View City, Lahore. For this purpose, a large 8.8. Kanals of land have been allocated. This institute will provide state-of-the-art on-campus facilities to the students, which will be imperative for their education.

The Business & Commercial Hub

The hustle-bustle of the Society will be centered in the extensive business and commercial area/s of the housing scheme. This area will include dedicated spaces for Shops, Super Stores, Offices, and restaurants.

A Safe and Secure Society

The safety and security of residents and visitors is the topmost priority. For this reason, the society will be gated from all corners and secure check posts with guards will be actively monitoring entry and exit points. An additional measure of around-the-clock surveillance will be monitored via CCTV cameras which will be on every day of the 24 hour day and night cycle.

High-standard Road  Network

The main roads, residential streets, and other developments are being created using professional industrial level equipment and quality materials, with a well-defined scope of engineering plan. The Main Boulevard and streets have extensive width, with sidewalks and green belts which adds to the attractiveness of the society



The Essential Features of “Park View City, Lahore”  

Park View City, Lahore is a full packaged investment, with the following features:

  • Grand entrance gate
  • Market Friendly prices of lands and plots
  • Grand (Jamia) Mosque
  • Water Supply
  • Environment friendly
  • The Educational institute
  • Easy Access
  • Community Center with Clubs
  • Shopping and Super Stores
  • IMAX Cinema
  • Around the Clock security
  • Well Maintained infrastructure
  • Boundary Wall
  • A Gated community
  • Well-engineered  plan
  • 24 hours supply of Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Underground electricity
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • Sports complex with indoor and outdoor activity areas
  • Medical Centers in the form of Hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics

All the electrical supply in the residential community will be underground. This safe feature will make the environment clutter-free and secure


Key Benefits of investing in  “Park View City, Lahore”

With a promise of a living, breathing community and future proof plan, Park View city Lahore is a Secure investment suitable for both long term or short term high Return on investment. While investing, you can assured of the following key benefits offered by investing in this society

You are Financially Secured

If you are planning on acquiring an asset with high value, investing in this scheme will give you a financially secured commitment of high rate of return  

A means of Steady Income

While investing in Park View City, Lahore you can keep your investment in circulation and reaping profits and investing again. This will give you peace of mind, as it serves as a means of steady income

A long term Asset

Real estate investment is a sort of business that will never lose its value once done rightly. Real estate value always increases every year. And if some significant government or private project is started in its vicinity, then the value may increase manifold.

Investing in Park View city, Lahore can also mean you are thinking long term about either reselling the land you purchase (as the value increases manifold over time). Alternatively, the land you purchase can become your dream home, the best of any asset one can have!

Pros & Cons of living / investing in Park View City, Lahore” 

Following are the Pros & Cons of the Park View City Lahore:


  • Around the clock Supply of Water, Electricity and Gas
  • High value of land, plots and commercial spaces.
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Theme Parks/Recreational Areas
  • Grocery/shopping center/Markets/Malls
  • Peaceful, healthy and secure environment
  • Gated community with around the clock surveillance systems, CCTV Cameras & guards
  • Easy access the main city & other societies
  • High quality Road infrastructure with a wide Main Boulevard, roads, streets with walkways
  • Organized Drainage and Waste Management Systems.
  • Green belts, parks with lush green eco-friendly environment


  • None


The Bottom Line:

Park View City, Lahore is an upcoming housing society of the future. The goal of this project to provide top class living experience to its residents while keeping future proofing in mind. With easy accessibility and cost effective investment on lands and plots, Park View City, Lahore is your next investment.


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