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Capital Smart City Islamabad has become one of the most important residential projects in entire Asia. It takes the 4th position in our Continent. However, in Pakistan, this smart city project will be the first of its kind residential scheme, which will astound every Pakistani, when completed.

This grand project owns the title of Pakistan’s Biggest Housing Scheme due to its modern construction plans and amazing features, with completed shortly. The Capital Smart City Islamabad plan aims to make a modern but eco-friendly smart city, which will be free of environmental pollution. Both the Pakistanis and foreigners can avail this captivating opportunity to invest in this grand residential project.


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Capital Smart City Islamabad is located near the new Islamabad international airport, in the corner region of Rawalpindi. Moreover, the construction of the main society of the Capital Smart City is near the Lahore-Islamabad motorway.

The distance of this society from the new Islamabad airport is only 9.2km from M-2 Toll Plaza located at Thalian interchange. Another well-known Capital Smart City location is on the eastern route of CPEC. From this route, it takes only a 5 or 6 minute drive to arrive at the new Islamabad airport.

This housing scheme borders with two other residential societies. One is known as Eighteen Islamabad and other one is Blue World Smart City. It is undeniable that the Capital Smart City location is very convenient and ideal.


Who are the Developers of “Capital Smart City”

The owners of the Capital Smart City Islamabad are two big developmental industries of Pakistan, which are working in collaboration with each other. These big developers are Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Litd, and Future Holdings Developments (FDH).

Between these two big industries, Habib Rafiq is the main developer of Bahria Town and DHA (Islamabad). This company also own other various housing schemes, like Royal Orchard in Multan, Sargodha, and Sahiwal, in respective cities of Punjab, i.e., Multan, Sargodha, and Sahiwal. The Capital Smart City development authority has approved this Capital Smart City Islamabad housing project.

About Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd.

 Habib Rafiq group is one quite notable for construction and development projects in Pakistan. They have a good reputation for success and have well regarded large construction projects not only in Pakistan but abroad, for the last fifty years.

The main tactic of their success is pure dedication and attention to work. They work according to the needs and demands of their clients. Therefore, owing to their top-quality construction work and management, they have achieved ISO 9000 certification.

In Pakistan, Habib Rafiq has become the most prestigious and pioneering developers. This group has changing the shape of residential infrastructure, for the last fifteen years. Now, it is the most respectable and in-demand construction agency in the market.

Successes of Habib Rafiq Construction Company

The biggest achievements of Habib Rafiq up are the grand cities, like Bahria town, DHA, and Tariq Garden in different major cities of Pakistan. They also have other projects in cities like Lahore, Karachi, Multan, and Islamabad.

They not only draw and complete their whole infrastructure but also manage their interior working, such as; electric wiring, water storage tanks, and completing their responsibility of spreading gas pipelines in the Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Therefore, the name of Habib Rafiq is equivalent to high quality, dedication, trust, and honesty. Therefore, every development group feels itself the luckiest one to have a chance of working with HRL.

Some of the biggest and grand development projects of Habib Rafiq Construction Company include different nuclear plant’s construction, chemical houses, different large buildings, aviation centres, roads, and housing structures, and different water resources buildings like dams, all over Pakistan. Like Chashma, Guddu, Balloki, Qadirabad, Kot Addu, and Bin Qassim power plants.

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. (FDH)

Future Development Holdings (FDHL) is the other owners of Capital City Islamabad. This company is a group of construction companies, who got its registration license in 1984. Now, it has been included in top real estate industry and management companies in Pakistan.

It works to develop new smart cities by providing contributions with profit to its main clients. Therefore, the formation of this construction company involved the amalgamation of several national and international construction and management groups.

These groups included Chinese management groups along with their technical experts, several engineering groups, and technology-based groups, etc. All these groups make this construction company, a top-class lifestyle provider.

The main goal of this prestigious developmental company is to provide the best to enhance the living standards in Pakistan by making new and modern residential housing as well as industrial projects.

As evident in case of of the Capital City Islamabad. FDHL aims to connect the industrial sites and housing projects with Lahore-Islamabad (M-2) motorway, along with their connection with new CPEC routes.

Projects  “Habib Rafiq Limited” Undertook


Power Plants

  • Sahiwal Power Plant
  • Guddu Thermal Plant
  • Chashma Nuclear Plant
  • Balloki Power Plant
  • Bhikhi Power Plant
  • Qadirabad Power Plant
  • Bin Qasim Power Plant
  • Kot Addu Power Plant

Housing Develpment

  • Royal Orchards(Multan Sihawal)
  • Bahria Town :  Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad & Rawalpindi
  • DHA Lahore & Islamabad
  • Lake City Lahore
  • Tariq Gardens in different cities
  • Bahria Garden City
  • Mortways all across Pakistan
  • Convention Center, Islamabad
  • Tricon Tower Lahore
  • Taman Sumadar(Malaysia)
  • Icon Tower Bahria, Karachi
  • Project Metro Multan

Master Plan


The complete master plan of this housing project has different districts and sub-districts, to facilitate our people. Other than this, each new district will have access to valuable facilities.

So, the Capital Smart City, Islamabad has been constructed on an area of about 55,000 (fifty-five thousand) Kanal. As per planned map of Capital Smart City map, it is ten times bigger and better than the neighbouring housing society, named University Town.

 To meet the highest construction standards, the Pakistani government gave the master plan of this housing scheme to a Singapore-based consultancy company. Singapore-based company is known as “Surbana Jurong”. Norman foster has designed Capital Smarty City Islamabad.

Details about Surbana Jurong?

Surbana Jurong, often known as (SJ), is a very well reputed consultancy firm based in Singapore. The main headquarter is in Singapore. SJ is one of the most advanced group of companies in all of Asia because it specializes in infrastructure and living standards, as desired by the clients.

This consultancy firm is mainly comprises of of a minimum of 16000 employees and 120 different site offices. Their professionals include infrastructure planners, designers, engineers, and some other experts. The main aim of this firm is to shape different cities and make them worth living for its residents.

Secondly, it provides different jobs for its employees to flourish the business of SJ and related firms. In short, they also boost up the economy of that city and respective countries.

According to their design and strategies, cohesive planning and methodology for Capital Smart City developments were with the purpose to make a new modern city in Islamabad, aptly named as Capital Smart City Islamabad. Their strategy includes different types of modern facilities and peculiarities, to accommodate new residents in that housing society.

The major part of their methodology was to enhance the existing natural scenic beauty of this society. Other plans include promoting the use of smart vehicles and public transport systems, like the modern metro system, and erecting new large buildings and villas.

All these combined plans form a grand city in Islamabad. The key features of this city can also help to urge foreign investors to create business points in our country.


Benefits of “Capital Smart City” Housing 

The main benefit of this housing city is that this society will be near to Islamabad’s new airport, like other neighbouring societies. The master plan of this Capital City is provisional for now, but it will be complete over time.

The next part of this project’s master plan, will be the addition of new land, so that the construction companies will construct new blocks of this grand city in near future.

Authorities of this city had filed a humble request to provide more land in 2019. Nevertheless, when their petition of extension of a new area for this project was approved in 2020, the total area of this grand city has become 80,000 Kanal.

Now, Capital Smart City Islamabad will become the “biggest-ever” housing scheme in Islamabad. Easy access to this housing society is the main Chakri road, which comes from (M-2) Lahore motorway and maybe through ring road in the coming future. The Capital Smart City is also accessible to other areas, like the national highway of Islamabad. FWO has also approved its design for an interchange connected with the motorway.

Structural Plan of “Capital Smart City”  

RDA also approved the Capital Smart City plan and construction of this large housing scheme. Therefore, we can say that the Capital Smart City housing society is one of the legal residential projects of Islamabad. The first granted NOC for this society is still under revision, but its allocation will be along with new land very soon.

The master plan of this Capital City housing project gives a different shape to this society by constructing beautiful and convenient apartments, commercial villas, and other sites. In each district, sub-district, villages, and blocks, there are residential villas and family apartments.

  • The whole structural layout has been planned in blocks, such as;
  • Education and healthcare districts
  • Aviation and Panda village
  • Executive and the overseas block
  • Holidays, garden, and Harmony parks
  • A captivating lake view terrace
  • A financial square
  • And education city

Residential, Commercial, Villa Apartments & Villas

The whole master plan is divided into facilities that are classified in to separate districts and sub-districts. Besides, each district is set up with convenient public facilities. Names of districts included in Capital Smart City Master Plan are listed below

  • Overseas Block
  • Executive Block
  • Harmony Park
  • Panda Village
  • Aviation Village
  • Education District
  • Healthcare District
  • Lake-view Terrace
  • Hills Vista
  • Education City
  • Financial Square
  • Holiday Parks

Pecularities of  “Capital Smart City”

The Capital Smart City comprises of many peculiarities, which help promote and enhance its development. The main purpose is to attract and engage foreign visitors for different types of investment in the coming future.

For the national residents, it is a great opportunity to change their lifestyles by preferring an advanced and smart way of living. Therefore, all these peculiarities are included in the infrastructure of this grand housing society for its residents. Let us pinpoint some of the main features introduced by the Capital City Islamabad.

  • Its environment-friendly city
  • Modern living standards based on international levels
  • Advanced and smart security system
  • Provision of metro bus services
  • Clean and safe environment
  • Underground electricity system
  • 24/7 availability of water, gas, and electricity
  • Usage of smart and advanced apps for weather, internet, and traffic
  • Shopping malls, luxurious hotels, and sports complexes
  • Scenic views of lakes, gardens, and parks for the children
  • The building of overseas blocks
  • Mosques
  • Different recreational plans
  • Hotels and resorts18-holes golf track and course
  • Close vicinity of the new airport
  • Best living society for future

In this way, all these features are combined to provide you a worth living society, especially in the coming years.

“Capital Smart City” Development and Facilities

The management of the Capital Smart City of Islamabad is trying its best to enhance and create new investment and residential focused requirements its perspective residents and investors. Capital Smart City developments planning took into account all accessible services and facilities within the area to enhance the lifestyle of residents.

Capital Smart City developments project offers outstanding facilities to make a worth living and healthy society in Pakistan. The main facilities and features, provided by this grand Smart City are as below:

 Smart Living Environment:

Capital Smart City, Islamabad aims to provide different services and facilities, which mainly include smart living standards in Islamabad. This society’s plan aims to give a social but healthy environment to its residents.

CSC aims to make people satisfied and comfortable to enjoy their peaceful lives. In this way, this housing society can be an attractive pool for residential and commercial opportunities shortly. There are three categories of the smart and modern villas present inside the grand city:

  1. Classic villas
  2. Exclusive villas
  3. Premium villas

All these groups of villas provide excellent facilities to their residents by sharing advanced technology-based features. The construction of the classic villas is using aluminium-based windows, special custom tiles, elegant doors, a well-furnished kitchen and beautiful cabinets, and many others.

The development of the premium villas is keeping the choice of their residents as a preference. The developers will decorate your villas according to your preferences. Then, there are the extremely lavish villas, the exclusive villas, and will feature the highest level of smartness.

The interesting fact about these villas is that the resident can trace the traffic on their cell phone because their cell phones can connect to their villa directly.

Urban Opportunities:

The Capital Smart City has introduced several urban opportunities and other services, which are necessary for living. It has become the first housing, which can provide you a variety of different jobs. It means another name of this society is a commercial housing centre.

Owing to its beautiful infrastructure, it attracts foreign businesspersons to invest here, which will automatically provide job opportunities for its residents. Therefore, the Capital City housing scheme can also contribute to boosting the economy of our beloved country, Pakistan.

The most important thing about a Capital Smart City is its safety measures. The security system of this housing project is new and advanced. It ensures the safety of its people. Apart from it, the aviation village is also present inside the city.

Inside the Capital Smart City, there are various mosques to meet the religious demands of residents. Beautiful and soulful gardens and parks are there to amuse the children. The main purpose of these things is just to facilitate the residents, who came for a standard lifestyle.

Smart Transportation System:

The design and structure of the Capital City aim to develop a smart transportation system within the city. It ensures clean, clear, and wide roads for its residents, cyclists, and public transportation buses. All their systems are extremely efficient.

Urban Utilities

Aviation Village

Garden Parks



Capital Smart City Residential Blocks

The charming sights of OS prime block count itself into the most dignified place of the Smart City. It has scenic views of the following

  • Skyline of Capital Smart City
  • The Khairi Murat mountain range
  • Landmark buildings
  • The 18-hole GPA standard Golf course by Peter Harradine
  • All the lakes and rivers that are preserved within the city
  • Dancing fountain of the Crystal lake district
  • Chahan Dam
  • The Ferris wheel
  • F-2 race track
  • The artificial beaches at the lake view terraces
  • Water sports area
“”The Most Premium and Awaited Location of Capital Smart City is Open for Sale Now””


Ideally Located at Higher than all locations of Capital Smart City

Direct Approach and Connected to Main Gate of Capital Smart City and 300 feet main Boulevard

View of 18-Hole PGA Standard Golf Course and River

Beautiful mountains, lakes views

Minimum road width 50 feet 

Residential Blocks 

Overseas Prime Block

Capital smart city Islamabad is introducing ‘Overseas prime block’ which is another attractive place in the advanced housing society designed by Surbana Jurong. Located in the highest point of the community, the block is a combination of highly advanced and luxurious living. The overseas prime block has features above all the other blocks of the society. Not only its residents can view the whole community but also will enjoy the best living standard of the capital smart city. Charming views of lakes, rivers, the mountain range, and the PGA standard 18-hole golf course will give a highness feeling to its residents. The OS prime well connected with the main Chakri road through a 180-feet road entrance. You will find the beauty from its Roman-style grand entrance from the Chakri road.

All the streets will be 50 feet wide and the infrastructure will be exclusively leveled. All your daily needs and refreshments will be at 400 meters distance. Linear parks and gardens are planned in the block to give your family a healthy environment as well as a point of recreation. Being an international level block of smart city, smart type of vehicles will be used to connect you to the rest of the residency. QR coded bikes, Hybrid/electric cars, and our very own BRT system will be provided for your services.

Why Should You Invest in this City 

There is a long list of benefits of doing investment in Capital Smart City Islamabad for the nationals and international executives and investors. Some of the main advantages, which will urge you to invest in this city, are below:

  • Reliable and Trustworthy
  • It provides modern and highest standard lifestyle
  • It ensures you a safe investment
  • Multinational companies to invest in this city
  • Use of Smart Apps, making it future proof
  • An amazing avenue for entertainment

Free of load shedding of gas, water, and electricity

  • Efficient resource management
  • The authorities of this city offer multiple types of jobs and emerging careers
  • Grade 8 developmental plans, to enjoy the healthy and eco-friendly environment
  • The residents of this smart city will enjoy their lives under a thousand captivating facilities
  • Easy instalment plans for booking any plot/s
  • The investors can get the best return on investment, since it’s the city of future

The Bottom Line:

Several salient features combine to make this city a grand and smart housing project in Islamabad. No.1,Its developers have a very positive reputation all over Pakistan. No.2 The master plan of this city, is modern and future proof, with a complete package of advanced facilities. Moreover, the investors make it quite worth living.


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