LDA’s New Rules & Their Impact on High Rises in Lahore

LDA's New Rules & Their Impact on High Rises in Lahore

Lahore being second-largest city of Pakistan hold a special place in its geography. This huge metropolitan
city has many employment opportunities, higher standard of living, better infrastructure and many more
things that one can look for. Lahore is expanding too fast as more and more people are settling down in
Lahore due to miscellaneous reasons.

Lahore Development Authority:

Lahore’s development authority (LDA) has the sole responsibility for new projects initiated in Lahore.                                  Either those projects are some new housing schemes or some new construction plan everyone is                                  supposed to get permits. LDA also manages green land and parks in Lahore. So, if you are looking                                         for some residential or commercial plot in any society it must be LDA approved, otherwise your                                  investment will not be safe.

One of the approved and well-developed societies includes Lahore smart city, DHA and park view city
Lahore. DHA is the second-largest society in Lahore that has a boundary wall and gated entrances.                                          DHA has after successful completion and running its services in Lahore has introduced its communities
outside Lahore too. Park view city, another LDA approved society, is established and have all the
necessities and luxuries that one person needs around its living.

Lahore smart city :

Lahore smart city is a unique project. This smart city has everything IOT integrated. This is the
second city of its kind in Pakistan that is in the process of development, once fully developed it will be                                       a dream place to live. Smart buildings, smart transportation, smart infrastructure, water, gas and 24/7
availability of electricity along with smart sewerage system makes it a worth live able place. Smart
health, agriculture, manufacturing are other key features to invest in this smart city.                                          is the official dealer of these LDA approved societies, where you can either invest or buy your own
property without any risk.

Lahore Development Authority keeps an eye on the changing needs of its people and modify its rules for
the betterment and safety of the common public. Recently LDA has changed its regulation about multi
story buildings or high-rise buildings. According to the minimum area required for multi-story buildings
has decreased from 4 kanals to 10 marla only. To encourage small builders, flat building area has
decreased to 10 marla. The height of residential flats has increased to 120 feet. After this change
many double story buildings have added another portion and rented out to earn income.

For bigger area like plots size more than 12 kanals, the building can go high up to even 300 feet once
approved by civil aviation authority. For commercial buildings, there is no such rule of vertical rise with
area, more than 12 kanals. They just have to follow some safety and security regulations.

The purpose of all this was to take out this sector out of depression. Before this, the government has also
eased many laws to encourage overseas people to buy land and do the construction. This will definitely
be helpful in encouraging small constructors as well, along with increasing employment opportunities.

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