Capital Smart City Islamabad Commercial Properties Details

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is a cosmopolitan city where people came from around the world for
employment and business purposes. Islamabad is one of the very few planned cities of Pakistan that has
abundance of greenery, forests and parks besides higher standard of living. Rich in culture this city also
provides with the safety and security of its residents. As this city is expanding fast so people are moving
in to its nearby places where cost of living is not too high but they have all the facilities that this capital
provides. Capital smart city is one of such initiative by famous Future Holdings Development and Habib
Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd.

Capital smart city Islamabad is a project of its own kind. Capital development authority (CDA) approved this society has a lot to offer to its residents. Its residential block, commercial block and overseas block are
specifically designed to cater the needs of relevant population. This smart city is ideally located just few
kilometers away from M2 motorway, new Islamabad airport and main Chakri road exit. Its commercial
sector is well planned and situated on 120 ft wide road with direct access to its second entrance gate.

Harmony smart block has so much to offer to its investors. It has 4 Marla and 2.66 Marla commercial
plots that are available on first come first serve basis with easy and flexible instalment plans. These
ideally situated commercial plots have all the facilities of this smart city. This smart city has smart
buildings with integrated ICT. Smart administration keeps a balance of demand and supply and
resultantly of prices. Smart economic activity makes productivity so well interconnected that all the
resources are fully utilized.

All the basic utilities water, electricity and gas are provided by Smartallocation. Underground electric wiring along with backup plan make it available 24/7. Proper sewerage system makes it a nice place to live. Electric vehicles and motor bikes keep the customers and buyers away from traffic hustle and bustle. Smart environment with parks, grounds, green energy and buildings makes it a pollution free place to live.

China village is another place where small businesses are encouraged and can have their own shops.
China village is exclusively designed for small scale manufacturers. It has its shopping malls, apartments
for offices and residents.

Financial square offers relatively bigger commercial land. It has offices, banks, residential apartments,
corporate offices, exhibition halls, 5-star hotels, hospitality, food and beverages and financial square
gate offices. While moving towards another one that is aviation village, we must tell you that this smart
city features are there in every building and its blocks. Smart city has its security and surveillance
cameras all over smart city to provide its residents with complete safety. has a famous name in real estate market. They are reliable, consistent and official local
authorized dealers of this capital smart city. As we said it earlier that it is CDA approved society, this is
going to be a safe investment under

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