Why Fazaia Housing Scheme in Best Investment Opportunity for You

Fazaia Housing Scheme

Fazaia Housing is an ideal destination for people who want to live away from pollution and noise. Fazaia Housing Scheme is a reliable housing project in Pakistan that offers lofts and villas. Experts recommend that lofts here have had a mixed reaction from investors, but villas have fared much better.

The agreement for the development of the Fazaia Housing Scheme was marked a year ago with a Chinese development organization. Fazaia Housing Scheme aims to provide a world-class living to its occupants. Community clubs, institutes, health facilities, lush green parks, and properties in Pakistan are all part of the plan. Therefore, the project is expected to be a great place to live.

Since the PAF is trusted by everybody in Pakistan, and rightly so, civilians including government servants, employees of Defense forces, businessmen, and people from other fields across Pakistan started buying a property in the scheme, making it a huge success. The project also proved especially lucrative for investors since not only was their investment safe; they also got a much better return on their investment compared to other projects.

So, why is the industry of real estate in Pakistan, you should invest in Fazaia Housing Scheme. Let’s take a look at the features of the :

  • Secured and gated community with more than one exit
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Central parks and small parks in blocks
  • Closeness to major arteries of the area
  • Underground Electricity
  • Banquet Hall
  • 24 hours vigilant security
  • Commercial markets
  • Saloons and Spa
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities in and near FH

Needless to say, security and profitable investment opportunities are two of the most important traits shared by the Fazaia Housing Scheme. Moreover, the Fazaia housing scheme has feature parks, mosques, and other essential values – which makes the communities not just perfect for investors but also for home hunters.

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Houses in Fazaia Housing Scheme: The rental price trend in the Fazaia Housing Scheme for a 10 marla house starts at a low of PKR 43 thousand per month for a 4-bed home and goes up to PKR 78 thousand per month for a 6-bed home.

Fazaia Housing Scheme has various things going for itself such as the Pakistan Air Force. The development of lofts has quite recently begun a few years ago. Nonetheless, despite many numerous factors that should make these high rises a hot item, the request has not been as high as it was at first anticipated.

As shown by Shariq Iqbal of Iqbal Hassan Associates, one practical explanation for this could be that the engineers have offered dreadfully numerous condos. The paces of these units never really took off and financial specialists were mindful to make large wagers.


As per Shariq Iqbal of Iqbal Hassan Associates, Fazaia houses and villas are a fitting option for making a short and long-term investment. Costs here have been seen to be relentlessly going up since the ballot, and experts anticipate that they will keep on doing so.

In coming years, the greatest factor that will give a lift to Fazaia is its nearness to the M-10 Motorway, commonly known as Karachi Northern Bypass. Numerous vital improvements are planned along this road, as per the Karachi Strategic Master Plan 2020, including a transport and trade center. This could make the land of this region significantly more profitable. So, you should invest in Fazaia Housing Scheme, for more info get details from us!

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