5 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Lahore

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People call Lahore the heart of the country (Pakistan). A living breathing organism that is not ruthless but kind to newcomers. There is a very famous saying about Lahore is “you are not born if you have not seen Lahore.’’ Lahore welcomes all people coming to look for opportunities and the ones coming to live a calm and quality life. Lahore being the capital of Punjab province and the second largest city of Pakistan comprise many small and large businesses, architectural buildings, minar e Pakistan, mosques, parks, Walled city, shirines, fort, shopping mall, golf club and many more. Lahore is the hub of many activities as well. Some of the main attractions in Lahore include the following. 

Badshahi mosque and wazir khan mosque:

This magnificent piece of architecture was built in 1674 by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. It has the capacity of 100,000 namazis at any single prayer. It has a vast courtyard. This beautiful building is made up of red sandstone, with elegant carvings on the walls, which is typical of Mughal era. Luckily we got this beautiful piece of architecture during partition. 

Masjid Wazir Khan is another beautiful piece of architecture whose history dates back to emperor Shah Jahan in 1641. Its beautiful yellow minarets make it visible as soon as you enter Delhi Gate, another prominent thing to see in Lahore. This mosque is adorned by beautiful tile work by the people of that time. 

Lahore fort (Shahi Qila), 

Third Mughal emperor Muhammad Akbar rebuilt Lahore fort in 17th century. this huge place comprises of many gardens, museums and halls so you definitely need a complete day to explore it. One of the famous places to visit in Lahore fort is Sheesh Mahal, also known as Palace of Mirrors.         

Famous Food Streets:

Most of the people who come to Lahore are true lovers of lahori food. Whether you are a true lover of desi food or you want international cuisine, Lahore offers a variety of food streets according to your taste. 

Gawalmandi food street adjacent to badshahi mosque is a must visit place in the evening. Old Havalis with beautiful lighting and its sunset makes it a memorable trip to Lahore. Old anarkali food street is also famous for its architecture that the government has preserved for its people. You can have traditional food along with the beautiful view. Coming to the modern food street one can visit famous M.M.Alam road. Its restaurants are famous for its ambiance and food. 

Lahore museum:

One of the main tourist attractions of Lahore is the Lahore museum. It was founded in the 18th century. It has almost 20 separate galleries that represent different Mughal era paintings, Islamic artwork, and Buddhist artwork. Famous “fasting Buddha” statue is also here.

Shopping malls:

The entertainment of people has changed from going to parks to going shopping malls. For numerous reasons like security concerns or even buying gifts / souvenirs for the loved ones, people have started liking indoor shopping / entertainment. Two famous shopping malls of Lahore are Packages Mall and Emporium Mall.

Packages Mall:

Located right next to DHA phase 3, a very well designed super sized shopping mall with hundreds of shops and tens of restaurants for a perfect entertainment cum shopping experience for its customer. 

Emporium Mall:

Located in Johar Town, Emporium mall is another big sized shopping mall with top quality stores. Whatever you are shopping for on the day you visit, you will most definitely find your required item here at Emporium.

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