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Capital Smart City Islamabad Commercial Properties Details

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, a well planned, designed and built city from dense forests and that is just about 60 years ago. In the last 30 years, Islamabad has started growing like a cosmopolitan, changing from a small, well designed and beautiful city. Capital Smart City is one of those private societies that were approved by the development authority of Islamabad. This is by far the best of private societies built in or around Islamabad.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is the first ever project in Pakistan that is built on modern lines and is eco friendly. This smart city is designed and developed on the idea of smart development, that means the developers will build every facility on the most modern of concepts and technologies. Some key features that are taken special care of in Capital Smart City are Minute traffic management, Air pollution control, Education facility provisions, sensors / Internet of Things (IOT) based designs, Controlled electromagnetic emissions, Smart health, Smart buildings and homes, waste management, water quality management, smart parking and smart street lights, public safety, gas & water leak detection and so any more features. Civic facilities designed in this society make this a perfect combination of home, business and leisure.

DHA Islamabad & Rawalpindi

DHA Islamabad & Rawalpindi, another project, has launched 5 phases till date and all of those have been a huge success with not only locals of these two cities but investors from all over Pakistan. DHA phase 5 is already very well developed by the authority, roads carpeted, sidewalks created, parks maintained, and all aspects of a very good society taken care of. DHA Phase 5 was initially called DHA phase 2 extension and had four sectors A, B C, D. It was later renamed / rebranded as DHA Phase 5. DHA Phase 5 is part of Islamabad city, with direct approach to Islamabad Expressway, right on the back of DHA Phase 2. It is around 20% constructed and it has an impressive commercial area. DHA Phase 5 has been one of the main / in focus phases of DHA Islamabad, it has steadily grown in the last 4-5 years. Value of plots in DHA Phase 5 has grown 5-15% each year over the last 5 years or so.

Wusat Al Madkhal

Wusat Al Madkhal, Islamabad is actually located on the entrance of Emaar, DHA Phase 5, and an awesome project. It has all the facilities around this project like public parking, kids play area, jogging track, lush green rooftop all available in this residential building. This gives you the facility to buy your apartment on easy instalments. You can have a studio apartment, two beds or three beds Apartment. Ground floor of this building is specially designated for commercial use and car parking is in the basement. 

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