Why Zaitoon City will be Dream Location to Live in Lahore

Zaitoon City Lahore

Lahore being the heart of Pakistan and one of the most populated cities in the world is in high need of new residential areas which can stand up to living standards of people. Zaitoon group has initiated the project of Zaitoon city in the Lahore real estate with the dream of providing people their dream house. Zaitoon city is located on Main Canal Bank Road and have easy access from  nearly any area of Lahore include Multan Road, Canal Road, Sunder Raiwind Road, Ferozpur Road, and Lahore Ring Road. Allama Iqbal International Airport is only 20 to 25 minutes of drive from this housing area. Being connected to Ring Road and access to all the important points of Lahore makes the project all more worth it. DHA and Ferozpur Road are also nearby while Multan Road is just 3 minutes’ drive away from Zaitoon city. This new residential area in new Lahore provides the world class facilities and residential environment. Here is why in thechampion.pk opinion Zaitoon city will be your dream location to live in Lahore.


The Zaitoon city’s planners has design the residential area with classy and modern architectural structure which will have well space house and road with beautifully designed buildings, houses and villas.


Zaitoon city has high alerted security system. The security system is consist of well trained guards, CCTV cameras and face and object recognition system which gives the true sense of security to people.


This residential area in new Lahore have The main road and the roads in the society developed before the construction was complete so that there will be a well image that could be built by the residents that the main focus is to provide easier and urbanized resources and roads are included in them.


This Lahore real estate have well design and beautiful gardens and parks where everyone can go to take break from their busy and spend some quality time with their family, friends and relatives.


Zaitoon city has proper jogging and high quality gyms for people who are health conscious or just simply want to be kept in shape. By these facility they can just easily reach their fitness goals.


Pakistan being the Islamic nation, masjid is the basic and essential need of every society and Zaitoon city feels huge pride in fulfilling this need by building a beautiful masjid in this residential area.


Within Zaitoon city there will be several grocery store, shops and malls so the people don’t have to go somewhere else to buy their daily necessities and grocery.


One of the main feature of this residential area is educational institute which are planned to built in the society and student won’t even have to go somewhere far for educational purpose and even most of the well-known institutes of Lahore are nearby the society.


Even after being near the main Lahore city, zaitoon city has being planned to have their own health care system including several clinic and hospital which will be in easy reach to people.

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