Read of Ramadan

Tips to make your home Read of Ramadan this Year

Read of Ramadan

In the precious month of Ramadan which is granted to Muslims, everyone wants to be fully prepared to spend their maximum time and energy to do the deeds which please Allah. And being able to nourish our spirituality, it’s important if we do all necessary work beforehand so in Ramadan we can just focus on our prayers without getting distracted by all the extra work which needs to do. is here to give you some tips to make your home ready for Ramadan this year.


It’s unfortunate to say this that most of our time get waste in the worry of what should we have for Sehri and Iftaar. It is truly inappropriate as Ramadan is for us to make our connection to Allah which we fail to make in whole year and finally when we have given the time, we are wasting it for meals. So the best solution of this problem is to make schedule for sehri and iftaar before Ramadan starts. For example decide when we should start to make sehri and iftaar throughout the month and what should we make each day. This way a lot of our time could be save and we can spend it in doing some charitable deeds.


Organizing things properly no doubt make things easier. That’s why we recommend organizing the house according Ramadan. It will help to reduce a lot of tension about placement of many thing throughout Ramadan like where place sehri or iftaar. And place the schedules of Ramadan at a place which is easy to see so in this way we will always remembers to follow the schedules we have make without any difficulty


It is necessary to have a proper place which is specially assign for prayers not just in Ramadan but also throughout the year but we can’t manage during the whole year .we should have a proper place for prayers at least in Ramadan. It will make us to feel connected. Always make sure the place we are choosing is peaceful like it’s not is center and people passes through it because ultimately it will distract us so we should always prefer corners for our prayers place.


Being prepared for something beforehand is always a good way to go. After making schedules for Ramadan and organize things according to it, the next thing we have to do is shopping for the most important and major things which we will need in Ramadan and will not decay easily like dates and drinkes. In this way we will have all the necessities for Ramadan and will not have to worry about it and we can just focus on our prayers, recite Quran, and built a better spiritual relation with our God. hopes that these tips for preparing home for Ramadan will help.

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