Speed Constructions are Underway at Lahore Smart City

The first smart city in Lahore, Lahore Smart City, offers excellent living and investment prospects. This location, which is on the Lahore Eastern Bypass, is attracting a lot of attention from buyers and customers.

The Lahore Development Authority has already given the society its approval. Residential and business plots are available for purchase with a three-year installment plan. Lahore Smart City is a gated community with a unique design based on smart ideas and concepts.

This society is divided into three sections:

  • Foreign Block
  • Overseas Prime Block
  • Executive Block

Latest Updates

The construction of Lahore Smart City began in the mid-2020s with soil analysis. All the technology was placed at the site after receiving NOC approval from the LDA. However, development work started immediately and continues without interruption to execute the project to the investors on schedule. Lahore Smart City plot costs are steadily rising because of the astonishing and rapid development.


LSC development work began with constructing the access road once the soil was tested. However, the construction of roadways in Sectors A and B is progressing rapidly. Along with the road development, work on subterranean connections and sewerage lines is also underway. Sector A’s Road C-2 and Driveaway 6 have been completed.

Drainage system

Other current development construction in Lahore Smart City includes the installation of sewerage lines in both sectors A and B, in addition to road construction. There has been extensive tunnelling, and some regions have erected pipelines. In addition, the infrastructure for drainage channels is being fixed in the A and B sectors.

Business Development

Lahore Smart City is a multi-sector and feature-rich housing project sprawled across a vast geographical area in Lahore. On the other hand, the LSC main plan contains a business channel that will provide people with the best future career prospects. According to the latest Lahore Smart City update 2022, the business avenue’s ground improvement is undergoing a process that involves excavations, road flattening, and more.

Water supply

Each section of the LSC community will feature an above water tank to ensure that inhabitants always have access to water. Sector A has completed the development and construction of overhead water tanks. However, work on this tank is progressing quickly in Sector B, and it will end soon.

Lahore Smart Villa

LSC will soon introduce a new promotion for Lahore Smart Villas in various sizes. Construction of Georgian-style and modern villas in zone A is now underway. These villas are 10 Meters and 1 Kanal in size.

Community Parks

LSC promotes a green and sustainable living environment. On the other hand, its big plan offers a variety of parks, plants, sceneries, and green spaces. In addition, significant work on the Community Park, plantings, and landscaping is underway in all the blocks and sectors.

Work on the Lahore Smart City is progressing quickly to complete the project on time. This is the most significant opportunity to invest in this high-end project to reap future rewards since property prices are steadily rising despite rapid development. So get in touch with our team of professionals who can guide you and help you buy the correct place.

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