Al Noor Orchard Investment Plan & Payment Guide

If you want to invest your money in real estate in Lahore is the best option. Al Jalil developers are well known for selling properties in Lahore. For the last two decades, Al Jalil is delivering state-of-the-art infrastructure. Al Noor orchard housing scheme is the project of Al Jalil developers. They have progressed when it comes to the architect of the houses. They have provided its buyers with competitive prices, as they believe “our money is valuable and hard-earned.”

If you plan to buy a plot in Al Noor Orchard then you are at the right place because of the is the place where you can get all the information and deals related to the plot. The comfort of our clients is of the utmost importance for us. So, we make sure to provide you with the best of our services.

Not only this we have some cool stuff coming up for the people who become our customers. Do you want to go out with your family and have a nice delightful dinner? Well, our community club has is all? A mini zoo can make your kids entertained and happy.


The first thing any person sees before buying properties in Lahore is its location. It is near Al-Jalil Garden housing society. Secondly, it is just 2-3km away from Ring Road. The orange train is easily accessible to Al-Noor Orchard. From an investment point of view, the Al-Noor orchard will be profitable.

Investment plan: Al-Noor Orchard

Al-Noor is providing 3,5,10 Marla and one Kanal plots and villas. It is popular for its well-crafted design. They provide an installment plan, which varies, for each Block.

The price of the five Marla plots is 2500,000 including the development changes. For a 5-year installment plan, you have to pay 300,000 for booking. In addition, its monthly installment would be 17,000. That makes 50 installments. The total piece would be 850,000.

The price for three Marla plots is 1600,000 including the development charges. The installment plan would be for 5 years. Booking costs 200,000 and its monthly installment would be 12,000. The total payment after 50 installments would be 600,000.

A 10 Marla plot is only 42,50,000. For an easy 5-year installment plan, you will just have to pay 500,000 for booking. Later the 50 monthly installments would be 30,000. The total amount that has to be paid would be 1450,000. All these plans include balloting after 1 year and possession after 2.5 years.

Prices for 1 and 2 Kanal Plots

The total price for a Kanal plot is 7500,000 this also includes development charges. A 5-year installment plan will include 800,000 booking charges. In addition, 50 months installment of 45000 makes the total amount of 22,50,000.

A 2 Kanal booking payment would be 1500,000. In addition, the installment of each month would be 70,000. The possession here also will be available after 2.5 years.

Invest in Properties in Lahore

Real estate in Lahore is improving every day. Do not delay this anymore and invest your money in Al-Noor Orchard. The community plan suites a modern and advanced style and facilities. They provide a luxurious and comfortable living. Our engineers have put many efforts to make and provide with best amenities that include Jimia Mosque, power supply, and gas provision, mini zoo for kids, and community clubs.

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