AL Noor Orchard West Marina

5 Unique Features of AL Noor Orchard West Marina

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If you are planning to buy or invest in Al-Noor Orchard, then we at can help you get all the information. We have all the details and we can make a good deal for you. Real estate Lahore was at its boom before the Covid-19 occurs. Nowadays, slowly but surely the properties in Lahore are expanding. If you plan to buy one in Al Noor Orchard then West Marina is the next best stop for you.

It is beautiful, luxurious, relaxing, entertaining, and most importantly, it’s water-facing. West marine is different from other parts of Al Noor Orchard. It is different from what you have been buying. would give you a deal that you would never regret.

The developer’s dedication and hard work it has resulted in all of the amenities. Engineers and developers are working around the clock to keep their word. It aims to allow every family to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life at a reasonable cost.

Why Choose Al Noor Orchard Properties in Lahore

Let us have a look at five unique features of Al Noor Orchard West Marina:

1.     Jamia Mosque

The developers have built the main Jamia mosque to help people make their connection with Allah without any hassle to go out of the society. It is big and accommodates thousands of residents.

2.     Gated community

Security is the utmost important feature for any community. Most properties in Lahore are secure and promise their customers safety. Likewise, the West Marina is a place that has 24/7 CCTV cameras being operated.

3.     Wide carpeted roads

The work here done is high quality when it comes to infrastructure. The roads are well equipped and made with high-quality material. Our developers and engineers are professional when it comes to modern residential society.

4.     High-class power supply/gas/water

The basic utilities like electricity and gas are easily available at all times. No-load shedding takes place. West Marina promises a luxurious life with all the facilities and amenities. It has made life advanced and well equipped. The most successful society is the one with a successful water disposal system. Society can manage heavy water loads.

5.     Community club and mini zoo

You can enjoy the most amazing community club and visit there with your special guests. Life in Al-Noor has a life of its own where everyone enjoys. The kids can have a great time at the mini zoo.

If you have decided to get a property in West Marina these are the unique features. These make life so easy for the residents. Apart from these, there are lush green parks and beautiful architectural designs. The health care facilities are the best. The doctors are well-trained and the facilities are advanced.

Key Features

  • Underground sewerage system
  • Play lands for kids
  • Garbage disposal
  • Sports area for boys and girls
  • High beam street lights
  • Educational centres for high-quality education.


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