A Brief Guide to Investing in Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City (LSC) is a housing project in Lahore. emerging smart housing society in Lahore, offering great investment, and living opportunities to the people of Lahore away from the rush of Lahore Smart City.

The Owner of Lahore Smart City:

Lahore smart city is the joint project of Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited and future Holding Developments limited. These companies come to the top list of successful developers of real estate in Pakistan.

They are also widely known because they have efficiently completed many mega housing projects all over the country. They have also completed projects in many other sectors and fields.

International and successful Developers

When it comes to purchasing properties in Pakistan, both overseas and local buyers normally prefer investing in housing societies that are owned by prominent developers to ensure their investment remains safe and will give them more profit in the future.

 Why investing in “Lahore Smart City”

Affordable Prices As Lahore Smart City is at its pre-launching stage, plot prices are extremely small and affordable. One can even book its plot in the overseas block without having a passport. But this offer is limited.

Approved by concerned authorities

Lahore Smart City is the project of Habib Rafiq Private Limited, who are the developers of Bahria town and DHA housing societies also. That is the reason that they will attain NOC and planning permission for Lahore smart city from LDA and related authorities in a month.

HRL group has already successfully enjoyed the profit of their first smart city which is located in Islamabad. This project is similar to other smart cities in the country, so Approval by authorities is granted.


Main amenities that are going to make LSC the smart city are similar features that are available in Capital Smart City Islamabad.

  • Smart economy, smart housing, smart environment
  • Inclusive and technology-driven development plan
  • Job and career prospects
  • E-Governance and people involved in government
  • Comfortable and quality living
  • Higher Freedom and luxury life
  • Quicker, more livable neighborhoods
  • Safety and Security
  • Sustainability in society development
  • Building and infrastructure
  • Gated Community

Investment opportunity for every budget

It does not matter that you have less budget or more. You can buy land of every size and cost which have facilities accordingly. The areas, footage, age, and characteristics of each property influence the price.

Why invest in Lahore Smart City overseas block?

One of the perks of Lahore Smart City housing society is its overseas block. It has a different type of significance because it offers more than the regular benefits to its clients. Also, it depicts the gratitude and recognition for the hard work and struggle which overseas Pakistani has given to Pakistan.

Lahore smart city housing society is ensuring an utterly secure and valuable opportunity to the overseas inhabitants of Pakistan to Have an investment in Pakistan.

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