How Living Capital Smart City Islamabad will Change your Life

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad is the first smart city in Pakistan. It is the most anticipating housing society as well as in the nation due to its smart features and ideal location. This housing society is located in the ideal residential area near New Islamabad International Airport.

There are many reasons for you to live in this smart city. The infrastructure and facilities that this real estate project in Pakistan will provide, along with new job opportunities is a huge attraction. Therefore, there are a lot of facilities that can change your lifestyle easily, some are:

  • Clean environment and beautiful sceneries
  • Close to Rawalpindi and Islamabad
  • Designated interchange (via Motorway-2)
  • Eco-Friendly city: Capital Smart City uses the best options that permit it to keep an eco-friendly living place. The inhabitants can appreciate the climate in peace and harmony.
  • Gas, water, and electricity supply 24/7
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Metro bus system
  • Smart apps i.e., traffic, weather, electricity, internet: Planning for sustainable transportation. The infrastructure aims to ensure a close-knit network of roads and pathways for pedestrians, vehicles, cyclists, and other mobile people.
  • Sports clubs, and Shopping centers
  • Underground electricity
  • Outstanding Infrastructure
  • Higher Security – CCTV surveillance
  • Modern and smart Housing plan
  • Overseas block: The overseas block is planned only for Pakistanis living abroad. The Capital Smart City plans to give a protected and significant speculation for overseas Pakistani families. Because of the highly impressive infrastructure and facilities available in this part of the project, it has quickly become the heart of the city of Islamabad. Soon it will become the most desirable destination for Pakistanis abroad. All the overseas Pakistanis must do is attach their Overseas National Identity Card and other relevant documents and start the booking process.
  • Parks, mosques, lakes
  • Golf Course

Sidewise, this whole community is linked to smart programs.

International and successful Developers: When concerning purchasing properties in Pakistan, both local and overseas buyers typically favor investing in home societies who are influenced by dominant builders to make sure their investment stays protected and provides them a greater profit from the future developers and designers.

Payment Plans are cost effective: Suppliers of Capital Smart City housing society realize that for citizens of Pakistan, it is hard to pay a huge amount at one time which is the motivation behind why they have distributed simple and basic establishment plans that could assist clients to pay their dues at the long period span of 3.5 years.

The housing society is involving various sizes and sorts of plots. These sizes and types are accessible at various costs as per the features and facilities of the plot. The more the features the more the cost is.

For the very first time, any society provides you all the desired facilities to you. You may find the good facilities at other societies but all desired facilities without skip anyone at the same place gives you the only capital smart city Islamabad. If you want to facilitate from these given facilities, it is the right place for investment. Property and real estate in Pakistan are very effective nowadays even if you want to get home.


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