5 Things to Know before Investing in Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad Commercial Properties Details

Capital smart city Islamabad is the epitome of beauty and luxurious housing society which is situated on the M2 Motorway, near to the New Islamabad International Airport which makes the location of this housing society prime. Capital smart city Islamabad is the first smart city in Asia; it is a joint venture of two famous development companies that are Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Ltd (FDHL) and the Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd (HRL). Both companies are globally known for their quality work and successful projects and the involvement of these companies is the credibility of smart city. This luxurious smart city is developed with the sole aim of providing the people of Pakistan a modern way of living in which they
can enjoy their life with peace and make their life easy with the help of advance technology. This is a society where the residents will be provided with all the basic and necessary needs without facing any problem. Today the will tell the 5 Things that you should know before Investing in Capital Smart City Islamabad.


The capital smart city Islamabad is legally approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and has achieved the no objection certificate (NOC). The society is completely legal which makes the value of this smart city is a lot higher. The fact that it is a legal society attracts the investors a lot.


Capital smart city Islamabad without any doubt is a symbol of modernized society. Almost in every society there are problems related to the really basic needs which a human needs like water, electricity or gas but in this smart city you would not have to face any problem regarding it as it has all which anyone can need. The investors should know that they are investing in the society where they don’t have to wait for electricity, water, gas or any other thing.


There are many things that a person can want but very few things without which a person can’t live an easy life and among them is clean environment. The smart city in Islamabad has very clean environment because of the proper cleaning system which the authorities has built. It has proper drainage system and the proper cleaning staff to keep the smart city as clean as possible.


The security in this city is something which anyone can get impressed from. The cc tv cameras on streets and the trained security guards are always keep the smart city safe and sound.


Capital smart city Islamabad has all that you need you name it and it has it. This smart city has extremely beautiful parks, highly facilitated hospitals, schools and colleges which provide the quality education, super store from where you can buy all the things which you need, masjids for prayers, banks and even has hotels and restaurants to enjoy your evenings and vacations. In short almost everything so you don’t have to go far from your home for anything.

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