Capital Smart City is known as the first smart city ever introduced in Pakistan, ranked on 23rd standing in the listing of smart cities across the globe. The iconic project grabs attention from investors or marketers from all around the world.

Hence, this is why Capital Smart City Islamabad is one of the best available options for investors in both international and national markets. The reliable framework, advanced means of production, and efficient business opportunities certainly makes it the center of attention for all types of marketers.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is the dual venture of Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Ltd and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd.

These are the recognized names in the country’s real estate industry, who have to lend a hand in developing several other projects, including Bahria Town, DHA, in Islamabad.

The smart city project is also extended in other cities, including Lahore, Sahiwal, etc. The elegant city scheme goes with a tagline that ‘smart is the way to live today.’ Therefore, let us dig in about the smart features of the developmental plan offered for the inhabitants.

·        Eco-friendly Environment:

Capital Smart City Islamabad’s developmental plan focuses on maintaining an eco-friendly environment. It emphasizes preserving the natural beauty, where multiple areas are allocated for parks, nurseries, and plantation.

Additional technologies include deployed for automated refuse disposals and treatment of sewerage water to limit pollution. The smart technology will also improve environmental conditions by keeping a check now and then and eliminating CO2 and methane.


·        Crystal Lake:

A crystal lake has been included for residents of commercial and residential plots. The lake attains crystal water, which is floating down the village.

·        Holiday Park:

A holiday park is also under the developmental process, which sets up for leisure and entertainment activities. It will also include a theme park, bird park, and street food truck, which will entertain people of every age.

·        Capital Hills:

Capital Hills is designed mainly for golf lovers. It will exhibit 18 golf hole, created by Harradine Golf, and a golf club managed by Troon Golf.

·        BRT system:

A Bus Rapid Transport abbreviated as BRT is designed for rapid communication between its residents. A separate land will be allocated for the BRT system that will drive across the society and connect the site to Islamabad city.

·        Urban utilities:

A list of urban facilities is included in the Capital Smart City Islamabad, which consists of the following things:

  1. Solar parks
  2. Grid stations
  3. The portable water treatment plan
  4. Security control
  5. Fire frightening system
  6. Solid waste management system
  7. Irrigation system
  8. Police station

·        Sensors and Cameras:

Several sensors and cameras will be installed at the major sites of the CSCI. Certain areas and blocks will be accessible through fingerprints and facial recognition only. Thus, all in one, the site has highly focused on the security of its residents.


Capital Smart City Islamabad offers modern-age utilities, thus leveling up the way of living. More information related to its location, payment plan, etc. is available on our site