The Capital Smart City Lahore aims at providing fun in the most compelling way, which one would never forget. CSCL assured its inhabitants to deliver smart facilities and smart features, which makes life easy.

However, when you are strict on a budget, it is easy to lapse at a usual routine. However, this should not be the main reason since there are plenty of things offered by Capital Smart City Lahore to do on the weekend, and it does not necessitate money.

Ø  Visit a Farmhouse:

We all love picnics, don’t we? Therefore, Capital Smart City Lahore offers a farmhouse, which might be your favorite picnic spot shortly.


To enjoy the beautiful scenery and lake view at the farmhouse, they are allocated a plot size of 1 Kanal and @ Kanal. Other than that, you can keep your pets there, host parties and gathers, or get hold of peaceful time with your family.

Ø  District for sports:

The CSCL offers a sports district for sport enthusiastic for various games. It includes grounds for cricket, football, and badminton court. Moreover, a food court and mosque are also included alongside sports ground, so you do not have to run for your home for these essential things.

Ø  Holiday Park:

A holiday park is included at the site, which is specifically designed for children. The park features a theme park, Bird Park, a street food truck, and a holiday resort. Moreover, space is also allocated for food and beverages.

Ø  Visit a garden:

If you are not into any of these things mentioned above, you can always opt for running in the garden. The garden is categorized into three types, including linear garden, heritage garden, and flower garden.


Moreover, if you are not up for a stroll, you can opt for sitting and plugging your headphones in the ear to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden. Alternatively, wait for the sunsets, and catch its beautiful glimpses with your camera.

Ø  Shopping Mall:

Shopping has to be everyone’s favorite activity at the weekend. Treat yourself and your loved-ones while shopping in the mall, located at Capital Smart City Lahore. The mall includes all high-end brands and even the local ones, too, so you can easily reach a decision.

Ø  Golf Club:

A golf club is also included in the developmental plan for the resident of Capital Smart City Lahore.


Other than the mentioned activities, you also have options, which can be carried, at your home. Thus, it includes playing cards or board games with your family or friends. Grill something at your balcony, and surprise your wife.


Furthermore, you can also opt for a movie weekend, invite your friends, and grab some popcorn to spend a night full of laughter and fun. Take time out, and scan old pictures to make a beautiful album.


In a wrap, surely, these ideas will turn your weekend exciting and fun at Capital Smart City Lahore. Look out for more information at our site,